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If you have property to let or want to rent in the Hainault and Woodford area, get in touch with Ambassador Property Services. We are an independent, highly experienced firm of letting agents whose central value is going the extra mile with both landlords and tenants. Following nearly two decades in the corporate letting and property management industry, we acutely understand the importance of providing a comprehensive service for landlords and always keeping tenants in the loop.

If you report a problem with your property, our team of expert in-house contractors are guaranteed to respond within four hours. Moreover, unlike some estate agents, we do not split our rent services with sales and mortgages, so as a landlord you can rest assured that our team of professionals can fully dedicate themselves to expertly managing your property all year round.

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 Letting Do’s and Don’ts

At Ambassador Property Services, we take extra care over the crucial legal and logistical details that come with renting out your property to tenants. So, if you have property to let in Hainault and Woodford, please consult the following list, which outlines the main points to remember about letting:

  • Write a detailed inventory of the property, ideally with photos, and make sure that you and the tenant(s) both sign it at the start of the agreement.
  • Obtain and be able to produce all necessary safety certificates for Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations, Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations and European Commission Directives 73/23/EED (Low Voltage Directive).
  • If the residential property is listed as an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, you must be signed up to a Tenancy Protection Scheme.
  • Run all costs over a 12-month period with your letting agent as opposed to using a headline management cost.
  • Along with regular gas checks, install smoke monitors and use fire-resistant mattresses and furniture.
  • Letting property requires a different form of mortgage to owner-occupation, so be sure to discuss the change with your provider as buildings and contents may not be fully covered.



Landlord Guide

  • Confirm all important issues with tenants in writing and keep a copy with you.
  • Ask tenants for references from previous landlords and check credit history by applying to a credit-reference agency.
  • Always give tenants a 24-hour notice in writing before you visit the property.
  • Landlords must track all of their finances over a 12-month period, including mortgage payments, insurance, property taxes and maintenance.
  • Conduct full background checks for every potential tenant, including immigration status, credit history and employment information.
  • Within 30 days of taking a deposit, landlords are required to surrender the money to a government agency or an insurance backed scheme.
  • If the landlord must evict a tenant due to lack of rental payment or any other contravention of your contract, be sure to follow the correct legal process to ensure you are reimbursed for losses and they are obligated to leave the property.
  • If a tenant reports a problem with the property (heating, water, etc.), the landlord is obligated to respond to the issue within four hours and send over an in-house tradesman from Ambassador Property Services.
  • If landlords must release any information about a tenant to lenders or schools, obtain a signed release form from the tenant documenting the information you are permitted to disclose.


Tenant Guide

  • Tenants must provide names and addresses of their banker and a character reference from an employer or an accountant, along with complying with all credit and immigration background checks.
  • Ahead of assuming tenancy of the property, you must pay a security deposit and one month’s rent in advance to your landlord.
  • The tenant pays for the water, gas, fuel and electricity along with sewage and heating charges as well as costs for a telephone, if connected.
  • Under the Assured Tenancy Agreement, tenants can leave the property on giving a one-month notice from a rent day and can be asked to leave by the landlord on being given two months’ notice.
  • Do not rent a property unless you have seen a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate, Electrical Safety Certificate and Gas Safety Certificate.
  • Never hand over a deposit to a landlord unless you have written confirmation that it is protected by the Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme.
  • If a tenant has been evicted due to damage or dilapidations, the landlord will request payment of the sum claimed. Failure to make payment for any costs incurred may result in legal action being taken.
  • Tenants must secure the approval of their landlord before they: (1) have a lodger stay in the property; (2) run a business from the property; (3) make changes to the property.
  • While the landlord is responsible for maintaining the exterior structure of the property as well as plumbing, wiring and heating, tenants are responsible for all other maintenance of the property.



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Are you looking to let or rent property in the Hainault and Woodford area? If so, get in contact with Ambassador Property Services for a professional and experienced independent letting and property management firm that places strong emphasis on meeting the individual needs of landlords and tenants.

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